Exciting New PDF reading Features Coming Your Way!

Exciting New PDF reading Features Coming Your Way!
Reading PDF has never been so easy !

Hello to our wonderful community! We’re constantly in awe of the support and love we receive from students, researchers, and professionals alike. Our "Chat with Doc" feature has become a favorite for many of you. In our unending pursuit to enhance your experience and cater to your needs even better, we're thrilled to announce some significant updates coming this week. Let's dive in!

Say Hello to the brand new PDF reading experience - the Read while Chat

With our newly updated "read while chat" features, you can upload a PDF and get the following:

  • Read and Summarize: Upload your PDF and then you don't have to read it through the pdf anymore. Let PopAi provide you with summaries so you can grasp content faster.
  • Question & Answer: Any doubts or questions related to the document? Just ask directly and get instant answers.

Our Edge Over the Competition

We understand that there are other products out there, but here's why ours stands out:

  • Unlimited uploads: With PopAI, you can upload PDFs with up to 2000 pages at once, and there is no limit on the numbers of files!
  • Versatile File Support: We support a wide range of file formats. And as the only reader that supports OCR, we can now automatically recognize and digitize photocopied documents.
  • Accuracy: Our algorithms are honed to provide you with precise and relevant information every time, while keeping our reading process fast.

How can it help you ? Let it read, cite, and comment on PDF files for you

Our main goal is to simplify your life. Here's how:

  • Reading Papers: Remember the times when you spent an hour reading a paper only to find out it had no relevance to your research, and felt frustrated about the wasted time? Say goodbye to such days!
  • Information Search: Need to extract information from a 100-page presentation? Just upload and ask, and we've got you covered.
  • Generate Test Papers: Preparing for an exam? Get tailor-made question papers based on the content.
  • Homework & Research Papers: Whether it's an assignment or a research paper, whenever you have a lot of reading to do. Here is how Popai can help fasten it and let you focus on the most important part, upload it and get only relevant information, so you can only read the most important part.
  • Resume, cover letter, personal statement: Always got a lot of writing to do. Upload it and let the AI handle it for you.

Real user cases for your inspiration

New way of reading books

New way of studying

New way of doing research

With these new features, we hope to bring even more value to your experience. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. So, dive in, explore the new functionalities, and let us know your thoughts. And more features are on the way, including reading and then generating presentations, charts and diagrams. Stay tuned!